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Building Game Agents


Building Game Agents:

Any game agent in the game world follows 3 key steps in a loop. They are sense, think and act.
To build any game agent, we need to understand how to implement sensing, thinking and acting steps of that specific game agent.

The game agents in the game world will not be just humans; there will be animals, vehicles or any other idealistic creatures. So we must build game agents which should not only act like humans, they should also act like animals or other creatures.
All game agents must not be having same level of intelligence. Because the humans and animals have their own level of sensing limit (touch, taste, sight, hearing, smell, and balance), their own level of thinking and understanding limit, and the way how they react to different situations is different.

Ex: We can’t see things; which are present outside the viewing range We can’t see things; which are present outside the viewing angle We can’t see things; which are present behind the obstacles We can’t hear the sound after the hearing range Some are dumb, smart, clever, or intelligent etc. Some react suddenly, some react slowly Some may hide or run away from enemies OR some may chase and fight So we should do some research and implement same humans, animals or other creature’s limitations in game agents to make the game play realistic.