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Introduction to Programming


Introduction to Programming :

Computer: Computer is an electronic device; it takes data as an input, processes it and gives information as an output. It is used to solve real world problems quickly and efficiently. Computer has no self intelligence. We need to tell computer what to do step by step in a specific order.

a set of instructions/commands written in a specific order.

a process of writing programs.
a way of telling a computer what to do

To help programmers to communicate with machines over the years many programming languages have been developed.

Programming Language:
a way of communication between programmers and machines
Ex: Types of Programming Languages: LLPL (MLPL, ALPL), HLPL (GPPL, SPPL)

We can compare programming languages with human languages!

Human Language: is a way of communication between humans
Ex: English, Hindi, Japanese, etc.

How we learn any language: Grammar of a language: (Syntax and Semantics)
Character set: Alphabets, digits, special symbols
Word: meaningful, group of characters
Sentence: meaningful, group of words
Paragraph / Lessons: meaningful, group of sentences
Book: meaningful, group of lessons.
Library: collection of books.

Human languages Vs. Programming languages
Character set === (Character set)
Words === (Tokens)
Sentences === (Instructions/ commands)
Paragraphs / Lessons === (Methods / Programs)
Books === (Soft-wares / Packages)
Library === (Library)