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Introduction to Machine Language


Introduction to Machine Language:

We can’t use human languages to tell computer what to do. Because computer doesn’t know or understand human languages, it has its own language called machine language or binary language. So to communicate with computer or machines we have to learn machine language.

Machine language: (1st generation language)
Is a set of instructions or commands containing only 0’s and 1’s, which are directly executed by computers or machines.

Ex. Code: machine code for a hypothetical machine.
0001 00000001 00000010
0001 00000010 00000010
0101 00000001 00000010
1010 00000001

Pros of Machine language:
Codes written in machine language are directly executed by CPU.
Hence code execution will be faster because no translation needed.

Cons of machine language:
It is very difficult to write programs in machine language
It takes too much time to write programs
Need to remember equivalent binary value for every command
It is difficult to debug or remove bugs or errors
Programs written in machine language are platform dependent.

To overcome some of the limitations of machine language assembly languages are designed or developed.