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Introduction to Problem Solving


Introduction to problem solving :

A situation that is unwelcome, which needs to be dealt with and overcome

As in our day to day life, while developing soft-wares also we come across variety of situations (i.e. problems) that we need to deal with and overcome.

List processing,
Graph processing,
Image processing,
Sound processing,
Sharing and more …

Problem Solving:
A process of finding an efficient solution to the given problem

Problem solving using computers requires careful thought process and proper planning. As computer has no self intelligence or natural intelligence like humans, we need to guide computer how to solve a problem by providing a set of well defined steps/instructions/commands.

Steps to solve a problem:
Understand and analyze the problem (Why? What ? )
Design the solution by using appropriate problem solving tool (How? Which?)
Code the solution by using appropriate programming language
Run and Test the solution for correctness and efficiency
Document the solution

Problem solving tools:
Help us to design solutions to the problem…
Pseudo code
DFD (Data Flow Diagram)
UML (Unified Modeling Language)