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Introduction to Flowcharts


Introduction to Flowchart :

It is a graphical representation of an algorithm or pseudo code
It is used to graphically represent flow of program execution
Each command or statement is placed within proper available graphical shape or symbol

Standard flowchart symbols or notations meaning:
1. Oval shape is used to indicate the start and end of the program
2. Parallelogram shape is used to indicate input and output operations
3. Rectangle shape is used to indicate assignment, expressions etc
4. Diamond shape is used to indicate decision or condition
5. Hexagon shape is used to indicate loops
6. Arrow shape is used to indicate direction of flow of execution
7. Circle shape is used to indicate connection between logic

Benefits of flowchart:
Helps to visually communicate the logic of a system in an effective manner
Helps to analyze the problem efficiently
Work like blueprint while developing the program

Limitations of flowchart:
If program logic is complex, then flowchart becomes complex and clumsy
If alterations need to be done to flowchart, then we might need to re-draw the flowchart once again