Spot Light in Unity


Spot Light in Unity:

3. Spot light
- Spot light emits light in a specified direction and range; in cone shape.
- There will be no effect of light outside the given range and angle.
- Ex: is used to mimic Vehicle head lights, Torch light, Projector light etc.

Creating spot light:
GameObject Menu - Light - Spot light

Spot light properties:
indicates type of light (Directional, Spot, Point, Area)

Mode of Lighting (Baking):
indicates the mode of light, whether this light is real time, backed or mixed

indicates how far the light is emitted

Spot Angle:
indicates angle of cone base in degrees

indicates the color of the emitted light

indicates the brightness of the emitted light

Indirect multiplier (Bounce Intensity):
indicates the brightness of bounced light

Shadow type:
indicates whether the light casts hard or soft shadows or no shadows
- Strength:
- indicates opacity of shadows casted
- Resolution:
- indicates resolution of shadows casted
- Bias:
- indicates distance at which shadows casted are pushed away to control false artifacts
- Normal Bias:
- indicates how much shadows casted spread or shrunk to control false artifacts
- Shadow Near Plane: works for range based lights
- indicates shadows casted clipping in units

indicates the texture mask for a light
- EX: patterned illumination of lights

Applying Cookie:
Import star_cookie texture
Texture Type - Cookie
Light Type - Spot
Alpha Source - From Gray scale
Wrap mode - Clamp / Repeat
Drag star_cookie to Cookie property of light

Draw halo:
Draws a spherical halo at the light's position equal to light range value

Draws a Flare light at the light's position (Sun)
- Note: Import Light Flares effects from standard assets

Render mode:
Affects the degree of exactness & performance of lighting
- Auto: Rendering method is determined at run time,
- Important: rendered at per pixel basis
- Not important: rendered at per vertex basis

Culling mask:
- Select the layer which should not be affected by this light