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01. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?


What is Artificial Intelligence ?
What is AI ?

NI: (Natural Intelligence)
Natural intelligence is the intelligence naturally evolved in living beings in response to the level of complexity in problems, challenges, changing environment and other factors.

Natural intelligence deals with intelligent behavior of living beings with respect to solving problems and evolving by them self.
Ex: Humans, animals, birds etc.

Natural intelligence helps in “what to do, when we don’t know what to do”?

IQ test: Intelligence quotient
IQ is a test, designed to assess the intelligence level of humans or sometimes animals.

AI: (Artificial Intelligence)
Artificial means which is not natural.

AI is the branch of computer science that deals with designing intelligent machines or systems (i.e. Intelligent Agents); which simulate an intelligent behavior of living beings (especially like humans) and exhibit an ability to solve problems, and evolve themselves.
Game agents (Game AI),
Robotics agents,
Diagnostic agents,
Web agents,
Trading agents,
Driving agents, etc.

Turing test:
Mr. Alan Turing one of the computer scientists developed the Turing Test; to determine “whether or not machines can think intelligently like humans?" in 1950s.