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01. What and Why Photoshop


What and Why Photoshop:

First of all: - “Thanks to Adobe!” for creating such a great image editing software “Adobe Photoshop”.

What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is one of the most popular, standard image-editing software.
Especially it is raster image-editing software.
Some other raster image-editing soft-wares are:
MS Paint,
Corel Painter,
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) etc.

Note: any image that you capture from your mobile, camera or any other image capturing digital device will be basically a raster image. Such images are edited using Photoshop.

There are two kinds of images; they are raster images and vector images.
We discuss about them in detail in the next video tutorial.

Why to learn Photoshop?

Photoshop is the most the popular, standard image-editing software.
It has almost all tools and features to edit an image.
It is getting continuously updated.
It has lot of resources to learn.
It is very easy to learn.
It is used by various professionals from variety domains like
Graphics designer,
Web designer,
Game designer,
Fashion designer,
Interior Designer,
almost all designers....