Unity Scene View Navigation


Scene view navigation: Unity view port navigation
Scene view is the game scene construction view, the place where we construct our game scenes.
While constructing game scenes, we often need to move around, orbit around or zoom in & out of the game scenes. Scene view has set of controls to do these operations quickly and efficiently.

Navigating using Arrow keys:
Left & right arrow keys to move left & right (sideways)
Up & down arrow keys to move forward & backward

Note: Hold down “Shift” key to move faster

Navigating using Navigation tool (Q):
Hold down the “Left mouse button” & drag: to move (pan) the view
Scroll the Mouse wheel: to zoom in & zoom out (dolly) the view
Hold down the “Right mouse button” & drag: to rotate (orbit) the view

Maya style navigation:
Hold down Alt key & Left Mouse Button & drag: to Rotate (orbit) the view
Hold down Alt key & Middle Mouse Button & drag: to Move (pan) view
Hold down Alt key & Right Mouse Button & drag: to zoom (dolly) the view

Note: in Unity cursor wraps at the end of screens

FPS style navigation: Fly through mode
Hold down “Right mouse button” & drag to look around
Holding down the Right mouse button & Use W,A,S,D, Q, E keys:
to move forward, left, backward, right, up & down respectively

Hold down “Shift” key for fast flying