What is Unity


What is Unity?

Unity (game engine):
Unity is an awesome game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

Initially it is meant to create 3D games. But today it is not only used to create 3D games & 2D games; It is also used create simulations, films and many other products.

Games: (Ex: Temple run, Assassin's creed identity, GooBall etc)
Simulations: (Ex. “Eyes on the solar system”)
Short film: (Ex. “Adam”)

There are millions of users of Unity game engine. Every day 100’s of games are created using Unity and released. Unity game engine helps you to bring your imagination in to reality. If you want to create any game, a simulation or tell a story, then Unity is the best choice.

Using Unity you can create appealing, highly optimized, multiplatform, and simple to complex games very easily.

Unity engine download link: