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Hand Tool (H)


Hand Tool (H):
Hand cursor
When the image is zoomed in more, we can use Hand tool to navigate around the image

How to use:
To use it hold down the left mouse button, drag the image, and let go the left mouse button; repeat until you navigate to required image area

Four buttons:
Actual Pixels (Ctrl + 1 / double click on zoom tool): displays image at zoom level 100%
Fit Screen (Ctrl + 0 / double click on hand tool): Fits the image in work area, so that we can see complete image
Fill Screen: Zooms the image to fill complete available work area, some parts of the image might not be visible
Print Size: Displays image at its print size based on the resolution of the image

Modifier Keys:
Shift key: temporarily enables scroll all windows option
Space bar key: holding down space bar key, temporarily enables the Hand tool
Ctrl + Space bar: holding down both Ctrl & Space bar keys, temporarily enable zoom in tool
Ctrl + Space bar + Alt: holding down Ctrl & Space bar & Alt keys, temporarily enable zoom out tool