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Photoshop Option & Tool bar


Photoshop Option Bar & Photoshop Tool Bar

Photoshop Option Bar
Just below the menu bar we find option bar. It displays settings for currently selected tool or it displays options for currently active tool.

On the right hand side of the option bar we find work space drop down box. Using which we can switch from one work space to another work space, we can create a new work space, delete a work space and reset a work space.

Note: whenever we switch from one tool to another tool, the options on the option bar will get change automatically.

Photoshop Tool Bar
On the left hand side of Photoshop application we find tool bar. It contains almost all tools required to create and edit images.

At the top left corner of the tool bar we find two arrows, on clicking on them tool bar switches from single column to two column and vice versa.

Tool bar is divided in to four sections they are selection tools, raster editing tools, vector editing tools and navigation tools.

Switching from one tool to another tool:
Click on the tool.
Press an associated short cut key.

Most of the tools on their bottom right corner have a gray triangle.
That indicates there are more tools available, which you can access by clicking and holding down the left mouse button or just by right clicking on the tool or Alt + Click on the tool group to loop through the hidden tools.

If we have same shortcut key associated to more than one tools then we can loop through those tools in the tool group by: Shift + Keyboard shortcut.