Introduction to MicroSoft Visual Studio IDE


Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio:
Microsoft Visual Studio a fully featured software package; which supports more than 30 programming languages including most popular languages like C++, C#, VB.NET, F#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby,… etc.

Visual Studio.NET = Visual Studio IDE + .NET framework

Visual Studio IDE: (UI) Integrated Development Environment
: Environment:-
Stands for integration of variety soft-ware tools meant for specific purpose.

: Development Environment:-
Develop Console, Windows, Web, Mobile, Embedded, Robotics, etc.
Develop simulations, games, etc.
It is meant for developing wide variety of applications.

: Integrated Development Environment:-
Editor: edit more than 30 programming language codes
IntelliSense: code completion component
Solution Explorer: view and manage application or project
Server Explorer: view and manage database server connections
Object browser: assembly browser