What is Bootstrap


What is Bootstrap ?

Bootstrap is a responsive front end framework built on top of the jQuery library; meant to design responsive websites.

- means content being displayed properly on variety of devices of different screen sizes
- i.e. if content of a website is displayed properly in a mobile, PC, tablet or any other device; independent of the device screen size then it is called as responsive website.

Front end:
- means visual side of the website
- i.e. when user visits to a website; what he/she sees at the front or what is visible to the user at first sight is called front end of the website.

Responsive front end framework:
- Generally framework is a collection of prebuilt resources working together to perform a specific task.
- Bootstrap is a collection of prebuilt resources (CSS files, JS files, font files etc), meant to design responsive visual side of the website or responsive front end of the website or simply responsive website.

Examples for more front end frameworks are:
- UIKit, Semantic-UI, Material UI, jQueryUI, Skeleton, Milligram, etc

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