Learn All HTML Tags & Attributes in 2 Hours | Part 1


HTML Quick Reference - Part 1

The best way to learn HTML in fast track is practicing its set of tags, attributes and their values. In this video tutorial I am going to cover as many HTML tags as possible and as quickly as possible.

Home page
<body bgcolor="lightgray" text="black">
Hello       World <br/>

Hello <b>World</b> <br/>
Hello <strong>World</strong> <br/>

Hello <i>World</i> <br/>
Hello <em>World</em> <br/>

Hello <u>World</u> <br/>
Hello <ins>World</ins> <br/>

Hello <b><u><i>World</i></u></b> <br/>

Hello <strike>World</strike> <br/>
Hello <s>World</s> <br/>
Hello <del>World</del> <br/>

H<sub>2</sub>O <br/>
(a+b)<sup>2</sup> <br/>

Hello <q>World</q> <br/>
Hello <mark>World</mark> <br/>

Hello <small>World</small> <br/>
Hello <big>World</big>

<h1>Hello World</h1>
<h2>Hello World</h2>
<h3>Hello World</h3>
<h4 align="center">Hello World</h4>
<h5 align="right">Hello World</h5>
<h6 align="left">Hello World</h6>
Hello <font size="5">World</font> <br/>
Hello <font size="5" color="blue">World</font> <br/>
Hello <font size="5" color="red" face="Rosewood Std">World</font>

<p align="left">
Some paragraph text
<p align="right">
Some paragraph text
<p align="center">
Some paragraph text
<p align="justify">
Some paragraph text

<hr color="red"/>
<hr color="red" size="10"/>
<hr color="red" size="10" width="50%"/>
<hr color="red" size="10" width="50%" align="left"/>
<hr color="red" size="10" width="50%" align="right"/>

<img src="mypic.jpg" width="100" height="100" title="Manjunath Chidre" border="5" alt="mypic.jpg"/>
<img src="mypic.jpg" width="100" height="100" title="Manjunath Chidre" border="5" alt="mypic.jpg"/><br/><br/>

<marquee>Hello World </marquee><br/><br/>
<marquee bgcolor="cyan">Hello World </marquee><br/><br/>
<marquee bgcolor="cyan" width="100" height="100">Hello World </marquee><br/><br/>
<marquee bgcolor="cyan" width="100" height="100"
direction="up">Hello World </marquee><br/><br/>

<ol type="I" start="1">
<ol type="a">

<ul type="disc">

<dd>HTML is a formatting language</dd>
<dd>CSS is a reformatting language</dd>

<table border="0" cellspacing="0"
<caption>Students Details</caption>
<tr >
<tr bgcolor="yellow">
<td align="right">25</td>
<tr bgcolor="orange">
<td align="right">50</td>
<tr bgcolor="yellow">
<td align="right">25</td>
<tr bgcolor="orange">
<td align="right">50</td>


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