frameset and frame tag - Part 2


HTML frameset tag and HTML frame tag:

we use frameset tag to divide browser window into different frames.
Each of which can be able to show different web page or document.
Each frame, works like a separate browser window.
To use frameset tag, body tag should not be used.
That is if we use body tag we can't use frameset vice versa.
Frame set helps to utilize the bandwidth in efficient manner.
We can divide constant and variable layouts in different frames.

frameset tag is a paired tag.
in place of opening body tag we write opening frameset tag
in place of closing body tag we write closing frameset tag
rows and cols attribute takes comma separated values.
values can be either in percentage or pixels.

frame tag is a child tag of frameset tag.
frame tag is an unpaired tag
frame tag has src attribute, to which we give file name.

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