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Adding marquee text


HTML marquee tag :
html marquee tag is used to scroll, slide and move content alternatively. We can scroll, slide or alternatively move the content horizontally or vertically.

It has various attributes like behavior, direction, width, height, bgcolor.

bgcolor attribute:
is used to set the background color to marquee text.
direction attribute:
is used to set the direction of movement like left, right, up, down.
behavior attribute:
is used to set marquee text movement behavior like scroll, slide and alternate.
we can used marquee tag to move images or any other content also.

scrolldelay attribute:
used to control the speed of movement.
It takes value in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds equal to 1 second.

Interview Questions:

1. Which HTML attribute is used to control the speed of a marquee text _______
a. delay
b. scrolldelay
c. speed
d. behavior
Answer: b