PHP date() Function | PHP time() Function


PHP Date and Time Functions:

- is used to get the date and time relative to local time zone or local date and time
Ex: date_default_timezone_set("Asia/Kolkata");
Note: list of time zone names by country:

- Returns date and time according to the given string format
Ex: echo date("d/m/Y h:i:s A");

Using string formatting characters:

// get day
echo date("d"); // Returns day of the month (01 to 31) (numeric representation)
echo date("D"); // Returns day of the week (Mon to Sun) (short textual representation)
echo date("l"); // Returns day of the week (Monday to Sunday) (long textual representation)

// get month
echo date("m"); // Returns month of the year (01 to 12) (numeric representation)
echo date("M"); // Returns month of the year (Jan to Dec) (short textual representation)
echo date("F"); // Returns month of the year (January to December) (long textual representation)

// get year
echo date("Y"); // Returns year in 4 digits
echo date("y"); // Returns year in 2 digits

// get hours
echo date("h"); // Returns hours - in 12 hours format
echo date("H"); // Returns hours - in 24 hours format

// get minutes
echo date("i"); // Returns minutes

// get seconds
echo date("s"); // Returns seconds

echo date("a"); // Returns am or pm
echo date("A"); // Returns AM or PM

-returns time in seconds since January 1 1970
Ex: echo time();

Creating date using time method:
Ex: echo date("d/m/Y h:i:s A",time());

Finding Previousand Nextdate:
Ex: echo date("d/m/Y h:i:s A",time() + 1*24*60*60); // Nextdate
cho date("d/m/Y h:i:s A",time() - 1*24*60*60); // Previousdate

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