How to use HTML tags in PHP echo statement


How to use HTML tags in PHP echo statement:
PHP files can have HTML code as well as PHP scripts; i.e. we can write HTML code directly inside a PHP file.
We can also generate desired HTML structure using PHP scripts dynamically; i.e. we can insert HTML tags in between double quotations as part of the PHP strings to generate desired html structure.

Example Code:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
Default page

Hello <strong>World</strong> <br/>
Hello <i>World</i> <br/>
Hello World <br/>
Hello World <br/>

echo "Hello <strong>World</strong> <br/>";
echo "Hello <i>World</i> <br/>";
echo "Hello World <br/>";
echo "Hello World <br/>";
echo "<br/>";

Interview Questions:

1. PHP stands for ______________
a. Hypertext Preprocessor
b. Preprocessor Hypertext
c. Personal Home Processor
d. Personal Hypertext processor
Ans: a