How to Organize Assets in Unity


How to Organize Project Assets Folder in Unity - Best Practices:

Assets: Organizing Assets
As the project grows managing assets is going to become very difficult, so you must organize assets properly. Organizing assets properly will help you and also other team members to locate, edit, update and manage assets easily and efficiently.

List of points that help to manage assets:

1. Create folders for most commonly used assets [generic folders]
Ex: Animations, Audio, Video, Models, Materials, Shaders, Textures, Fonts, Scripts, Scenes, Prefabs, Resources, Plugins etc.

2. All assets must be placed in their respective folders
3. Don’t move context specific assets to the generic folders
4. Stick with a consistent naming convention [Folders and asset files]
5. If required you can create subfolders

Note: Organizing assets properly will help you reduce a lot of development time.