Unity Interface Overview


Unity Interface Overview :
User interface (UI) is the place where application's user interacts.
Unit’s UI has 4 parts Title bar, Menu bar, Tool bar & layout.

Title bar:
typically displays logo of the application, information about the application or the currently opened document, and buttons for minimizing, maximizing, closing the UI etc

Menu bar:
typically contains various menus with list of commands to perform application or project specific tasks.

Tool bar:
typically contains graphical controls (tools) for most commonly performed tasks

typically represents arrangement of panels or windows of an application

5 important windows:

Scene Window:
Helps us to create game levels, screens etc.

Game Window:
Helps us to play and test the game

Hierarchy Window:
Helps us to manage game objects

Project Window:
Helps us to manage assets

Inspector Window:
Helps us to view and modify properties of a selected object

Navigating in Scene Window:
Alt + Left mouse button - Rotating the view
Alt + Middle mouse button - Panning the view
Alt + Right mouse button / Mouse wheel - Zooming the view