Understanding Unity Title bar


Understanding Unity Title bar:

Title bar:
Title bar is typically meant to display information related to application like application logo with context menu, application name, currently opened document, and has buttons for minimizing, maximizing, closing the UI etc.

Unity icon or logo with a context menu
Application name & version (bit size) -
Currently opened scene name -
Currently opened project name -
Target build platform -
DirectX version used by GPU

Scene in Unity is a wrapper for a screen or game level or film scene
Ex: Splash / welcome screen, Menu screen, Level1, Level2, Boss level, Game over screen, Settings screen, Hero intro scene, climax scene, etc.
Whenever we want to create a new screen or game level; we create a scene

Build: (product)
The process of converting a source code to an executable code, which can be run by itself
Ex: .exe (executable) : windows; .apk (android package): android etc.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit (graphics card)
Is a hardware responsible for processing multimedia like graphics, video etc.
Ex: Intel + nVIDIA, AMD + Radeon, etc.

DirectX: (Application Program Interface)
Is software used by GPU for handling tasks related to multimedia.
Ex: DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectPlay etc.
Other Ex: iOS Metal, nVidia + VRworks, AMD + LiquidVR