CSS pros and cons


Pros and Cons of CSS:

Advantages of CSS:
CSS allows us to add styles, animations, transition and various effects to web pages.
create consistent and easy to maintain websites.
easily implement design principles to websites.
separate structure of web page from presentation of web page.
develop web sites rapidly. (RAD)create well designed websites.

Features of well designed websites:

is consistent look and feel throughout the web site, or lack of deviation.
Ex: usage consistent layouts, consistent colors, consistent fonts, consistent navigation etc

is ease with which target audience can read and understand the content.
Ex: usage of color schemes, variation in font size, variation in image size, space etc.

is quality of content to which the target audience has access to.
Guiding target audience eyes towards what you expect them to see.
Ex: Research on expectations of target audience.

is ease with which developers and designers can update, manage web sites.
Ex: usage of proper coding methodologies.

Limitations of CSS:
CSS is used to add design aesthetics, styles, and effects to web pages.
We can’t create more interactive (Dynamic / real-time) web sites using just CSS.
So, creating real time simulations, games, applications is not possible using CSS.
To overcome this limitation we use scripting languages like JavaScript, PHP, etc…

We use scripting languages to create interactive, dynamic and real time web sites and web applications like games, real time simulations etc.

Interview Questions:

2. RAD stands for __________________________
a. Request Application Development
b. Rapid Application Development
c. Real Application Development
d. Real Application Design
Answer: b