What is CSS ?


What is CSS?
Cascading (Inheritance):
Pass on (something) to successors
Pour (something) downwards

Cascading Style:
Pass on (some styles) to a successive html tags
Pour (some styles) downwards (i.e. Child tags / nodes / elements)
Parent = Predecessor
Child = Successor

Cascading Style Sheet / Document:
CSS contains collection of style rules some of them are passed on or inherited to child tags when applied to their parent tags.
CSS is something like a beauty kit for our web pages or entire website.
It is used to add design aesthetics, design principles to websites and create most appealing and well designed web sites.

HTML is a formatting language and CSS is reformatting language for web pages.
HTML is a structural language and CSS is presentational language for web pages.

Interview Questions:

1. CSS stands for ______________________
a. Computer Style Sheet
b. Costume Style Sheet
c. Colorful Style Sheet
d. Cascading Style Sheet
Answer: d