Why CSS ?


Why CSS?
As we know that HTML has limited design capabilities, we can’t be able to create most appealing, professional websites using just HTML. Using only HTML we can’t add various styles, animations, special effects, transitions, to web pages. We need to take help of CSS to create well designed websites.

HTML and CSS together help us to create consistent, readable, accessible, manageable and appealing professional web sites. (Over-all: well designed websites.) CSS helps us to add style, special effects, animations, transitions, etc to our web pages.

HTML – stands for Hyper Text Markup language.
HTML – is a formatting language for web pages.
HTML – is a structural language for web pages.
HTML - is used to describe structure of a web page.

CSS - stands for Cascading Style Sheet.
CSS – is a reformatting language for web pages.
CSS – is a presentational language for web pages.
CSS - is used to describe presentation of a web page.

Interview Questions:

1. CSS is a ___________________________ language
a. formatting language
b. presentational language
c. structural language
d. markup language
Answer: b