HTML5 basic document structure


Typical structure of HTML5 document:
Every HTML 5 document should begin with doctype.
doctype indicates the type of document.
doctype html : indicates the page is html5 document.

Nextwe write opening html and closing html tags.
In opening html tag we use new attribute known as lang.
html lang="en" : indicates the document language is English.

As we know that html document is divided into 2 sections.
head and body sections. To indicate them we write opening head and closing head tag as well as opening body and closing body tag in between html tags.

In head section we use meta tag
meta charset="utf-8" : indicates the character set we use is UTF-8. Which is a 4 byte (32 bits) charset can be able to represent almost all language characters digitally.

UTF stands for - Unicode Transformation Format

Interview Questions:

1. UTF full form is ______________________
a. Unicode Transformation File
b. Unicode Text Format
c. Unicode Transformation Format
d. Unicode Text File
Answer: c

2. Typical structure of HTML document begin with ___________
a. html lang=”en”
b. doctype html
c. !doctype html
d. !documenttype html
Answer: c