History of PHP


History of PHP :

HTML: To create well formatted web documents, in the year 1991 Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML is a structural language for web pages. HTML is a language for formatting web pages.
HTML has limited design capabilities; we can’t be able to create most appealing and well designed websites using only HTML. Hence, we use CSS: Cascading Style Sheet.

CSS: To create most appealing and well designed websites, In the year 1996 Hakon Wium Lie developed CSS. CSS is a presentational language for web pages. CSS is a language for reformatting web pages.
We can’t be able to create interactive websites using only HTML and CSS. Hence, we use JavaScript: Client-side scripting language.

JavaScript: To add behavior or interactivity to web elements or to create interactive web pages, In the year 1996 Brendan Each developed JavaScript. JavaScript is a behavioral language for web pages.
We can’t be able to create real time dynamic web sites using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hence, we use PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor): Server-side scripting language.

PHP: To create real time dynamic web sites, In the year 1996 Rasmus Lerdorf developed PHP at Zend technologies. PHP is implemented in C and C++.
Initially Rasmus Lerdorf wrote PHP to maintain his personal home page later extended it to communicate with data bases, file systems and work with web forms and called this implementation as PHP/FI (Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter). Later the name changed to PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

Stable & latest release: PHP 7.1.6 (2017)

Interview Questions:

1. Developer of PHP is _____
a. Tim Berners Lee
b. Hakon Wium Lie
c. Brendan Each
d. Rasmus Lerdorf
Answer: d