What is PHP ?


What is PHP ?

PHP is one of the most popular, open source, server side scripting language meant for developing web applications.

Most popular: According to the “survey report” from W3techs.com
Around 10 million+ web sites use at least some or other PHP scripts to generate their pages.
PHP – 82.6%
ASP.NET – 15.1%
JAVA (JSP) – 2.6%
Many of the world’s largest and fastest growing organizations like Face book, Wikipedia, Flicker, Google, yahoo!, Tumbler, word press, source forge.net etc.

Open Source: PHP developed using C and C++
Software whose original source code is freely available to use, read, modify and extend.

Programming language vs. Scripting language:

Programming languages are meant to develop software like, word, excel, Photoshop, Flash, OS, Engines, Browsers etc.
Ex: C, C++, C#, Java etc.

Scripting languages are meant to add functionalities or extend capabilities of soft-wares.
Ex: JavaScript, PHP, Action Script, VB Script etc.

Types of scripting languages: 2 types

Client side scripts are executed on client or user machine.
Server side scripts are executed on server or remote machine.

Client side scripting language: Ex. JavaScript
Server side scripting language: Ex. PHP

PHP stands for: Hypertext Preprocessor
(Original name: Personal Home Page)

Interview Questions:

1. PHP stands for ______________
a. Hypertext Preprocessor
b. Preprocessor Hypertext
c. Personal Home Processor
d. Personal Hypertext processor
Ans: a